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mobile ad network.

Themobiadz was established in 2014. Our goal is to establish a "convenient" mobile marketing world, let everyone enjoy the benefits of mobile marketing.

Advertisers are the livelihood that mobile marketing world depends, we help you to reduce all the complicated marketing matters with continuous improving technology, research and methods. Other than that, we continue to help you increase the volume of users, retention, ARPU, LTV and so on. The final goal is to let you realize the underestimated value of your products in the mobile Internet world, and then we will dig out the value and achieve maximum benefit for you.

Publishers, you are one of the most important friend of ours. By implementing innovations, we can help you to optimize the marketing plan, detail the promotion direction in limited cost. The final purpose is to let you enjoy the real return in mobile Internet world, which not only contains maximized ECPM but also contains huge income. You are as important as a part in the presence of the mobile Internet.

Terminal Users has offended by the advertising in the complex world. Our mobile advertising will not let them feel offended, instead, it will let them get the real benefits from mobile internet promotion. While they are "playing" the advertisement,surprises will continuously towards to them.

The "convenience" is the basis of all these. Our judgment for the mobile marketing, technology, and talents will strive for this goal.