Q: how much money can I earn?

A: Themobiadz is the network of CPA, CPL, CPM or CPC forms of advertising. The most proud of us is that we are the most generous of all affiliate networks. We'll give Publisher 80-100% of total advertiser budget. For details, please log into your account to see our latest offers, or contact your account manager. To achieve maximum value, Themobiadz will ensure that Publishers are promoting the most suitable campaign for their services.

Q: Why should I join Themobiadz?

A: With the continuous development of mobile marketing, consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on smart phones and mobile technology. The goal of Themobiadz is to bulid WIN-WIN relationship among of consumers, advertisers and publishers. If you have a mobile site, iPhone or Android app, or any form of media, we are here for you.

Q: How doļ¼©register for Themobiadz?

A: very simple, you just need to click on the "Register" button, and then complete the registration form. Your application will be under reviewed. And we will contact you soon.

Q: How can we promote the Campaigns?

A: When your service verified, you can use Themobiadz promotional tools to lead your traffic to the Campaign. Usually, you can use the text links, or Banners to promote the campaigns. You can also preview the ads that you want to promote, and then decide whether to promote.

Q: What is the payment cycle?

A: Our payment cycle is normally Net 30, means the payment from this month will be paid on 28th of next month. Moreover, you might get Net 7 if you can generate at least $ 2000 per month. The minimum payment amount is $ 50! If you earn equals or more than $ 50, you can just provide your complete payment information, then you will receive your money. If your earning is less than $ 50, then your money will scroll to the next billing cycle.

Q: What is method of payment?

A: the most common Themobiadz payment methods are PayPal and Bank Wire. If the payment is under $1000, we will pay by paypal. If the payment is over (including) $1000, then we will pay by bank wire. You can set up your payment method by editing it in your account. For certain countries, we provide Western Union and Alipay. What you need to do is selecting "Other" in your payment information section, and then entering your Western Union / Alipay information, including Name, Country, Address and Phone number.